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Más sobre el test de ciudadanía australiana

Esta semana fue publicada más información sobre el test de ciudadanía que será aplicado
a los aspirantes a obtener la ciudadanía Australiana a partir de julio pasado.

Respecto al test, se ha informado lo siguiente:
  • Será en Inglés.
  • En Computador.
  • 45 minutos
  • Se aprueba con 12/20
  • Se presentarán 20 preguntas de un pool de 200.
  • La calificación será mostrada inmediatamente.
  • Si se reprueba, se puede volver a presentar.
Si quieren empezar a "estudiar", aquí está el libro recomendado por el gobierno para este test, según indican contiene todo lo que Ud. necesita saber para aprobar.

Para después de que lo lean (son sólo 42 páginas), abajo les copié unas preguntas de ejemplo que se publicaron esta semana.

Al menos estas están notablemente más "complejas" que las que habían publicado unos meses atrás, y que están en este enlace.

Preguntas de Ejemplo
  1. In what year did Federation take place?
  2. Which day of the year is Australia Day?
  3. Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
  4. What is the first line of Australia's national anthem?
  5. What is the floral emblem of Australia?
  6. What is the population of Australia?
  7. In what city is the Parliament House of the Commonwealth Parliament located?
  8. Who is the Queen's representative in Australia?
  9. How are Members of Parliament chosen?
  10. Who do members of Parliament represent?
  11. After a federal election, who forms the new government?
  12. What are the colours on the Australian flag?
  13. Who is the head of the Australian Government?
  14. What are the three levels of government in Australia?
  15. In what year did the European settlement of Australia start?
  16. Serving on a jury if required is a responsibility of Australian citizenship: true or false?
  17. In Australia, everyone is free to practice the religion of their choice, or practice no religion: true or false?
  18. To be elected to the Commonwealth Parliament you must be an Australian citizen: true or false?
  19. As an Australian citizen, I have the right to register my baby born overseas as an Australian citizen: true or false?
  20. Australian citizens aged 18 years or over are required to enroll on the electoral register: true or false?

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Anónimo dijo...

Otros medios de noticias publicaros otras preguntas y sus respuestas.

Can you pass the Aussie test? The questions below have been derived from federal government's new Becoming an Australian Citizen pamphlet.

1. Q. When did Australia's first European immigrants arrive?

2. Q. What event in the mid-19th-century, attracted an average of 50 000 free settlers to Australia?

3. Q. What is Australia's national language?

4. Q. Of which two peoples does Australia's Indigenous population comprise?

5. Q. How many states and mainland territories does Australia have?

6. Q. What is Australia's Capital Territory?

7. Q. Where is Canberra located and when was it established?

8. Q. Where does the name 'Canberra' originate from?

9. Q. Does Australia have an official or state religion?

10. Q. When is Australia's national day celebrated, and why?

11. Q. What is depicted on the Australian Coat of Arms?

12. Q. What are our National colours?

13. Q. What is Anzac Day?

14. Q. Who, or what, are diggers?

15. Q. What is our nation's biggest sporting event?

16. Q. Which famous horse won many races during the Depression?

17. Q. In what year was there a proposal to change the Aboriginal sections of the constitution so they could be counted in the nation's census?

18. Q. Who is Australia's Head of State?

19. Q. Name three of Australia's strongest industries?

20. Q. What are Australia's biggest exports?


1: 1788
2: The Gold Rush Era
3: English
4: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
5: Australia has six states and two mainland territories.
6: Canberra.
7: Canberra is situated midway between Sydney and Melbourne. It was established in 1911.
8: The name Canberra comes from a local Aboriginal word meaning 'meeting place'.
9: Australia has no official or state religion and all Australians are free to practice any religion they wish, as long as customs and rituals are not in conflict with Australian laws.
10: Australia Day is celebrated every year on 26 January. This commemorates the landing of the first governor Arthur Phillip and Sydney Cove in 1788.
11: A kangaroo and an emu supporting a shield of the Federated six States, a gold Commonwealth Star against a background of Australian wattle.
12: Green and gold.
13: Commemorating the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps at Gallipoli in 1915 during World War I.
14. Ordinary Australian soldiers.
15: The Melbourne Cup.
16: Phar Lap.
17: 1967.
18: Queen Elizabeth II.
19: Agriculture, mining and manufacturing.
20: Wool, beef, wheat, dairy products, sugar and cotton.


Issues dijo...

Augusto me gusto esto del test para demostrar que debo prestarle mas atencion a la politica entre otras cosa.

Y Raul muy bueno el test con las respuestas te aseguro que leyendolos ya me quedaron algunos ;)


Tiberio dijo...


Pues la verdad que estas preguntas que publicas me suenan más a "test de ciudadanía" que las que yo encontré.

Muchas gracias



Si.... con la sobredosis de política con la que vive uno en Venezuela, uno no quisiera ni volverse a enterar qué son unas elecciones, pero ya ves, que no hay escape y de todos modos hay que enterarse.

Sobre todo Uds. que ya dentro de un año deberían haber presentado el famoso examen... jejeje


Issues dijo...

Por mi no veria NUNCA MAAS NADA DE POLITICA, pero la de aqui ya la estoy viendo en este anio con lo de las elecciones se estan sacando los trapitos al sol, es noticia no hay escapatoria ja ja. Y adicionalmente Augusto aqui dictan cursos que te preparan para el test de la ciudadania, ya te contare dentro de una anio como es :D.

Anónimo dijo...

Esto salio publicado hoy, unos dias despues del test que te deje en el blog y aqui te puedes reir un poco del tema.

Suerte Raul


Alternative citizenship test turns other cheek
John Masanauskas
September 05, 2007 12:00am

FORGET questions about Phar Lap and the national flower, ethnic groups reckon they have the answer to what should be in the Federal Government's new citizenship test.

New Australians should be quizzed about people such as slain crime boss Alphonse Gangitano and Bill O'Chee, the first ethnic Chinese elected to federal Parliament.

Melbourne Greek newspaper Neos Kosmos, in consultation with the Greek, Italian and Chinese communities, has come up with 50 questions for an ethnic Australian citizenship test.

The newspaper's English edition editor, Harry Nicolaides, slammed a list of sample questions released by the Government last week.

"(They were) written largely by John Howard to perpetuate and sustain a golden era of white, Anglo-Saxon pre-eminence," he said.

"The values and experiences of ethnic Australians must be duly acknowledged."

Among the Government's sample questions were the date of federation, the first prime minister and the first line of the national anthem.

According to the ethnic list, new citizens should know such things as the number of Italians who travelled with Captain James Cook to Australia, and what month the Greek Antipodean festival is held in Melbourne.

Neos Kosmos editor Sotirias Hatzimanolis said the list was a light-hearted response to the Howard Government's sample questions.

"Our list is a bit sarcastic," he said. "Most ethnic newspaper editors object strongly (to the Government's questions).

"They believe if the same test was put to Aussie Anglo-Saxons, most likely the majority would fail it.

"Those people who come here must be loyal to Australia, there's no doubt about that, but some of the questions are very hard and discriminatory."

The Government has released a 40-page booklet containing the material from which its test will be drawn.

It also lists the 10 essential Aussie values every aspiring citizen must embrace, including freedom of speech, peacefulness, compassion for those in need and secular government.

A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said the great contribution of communities like the Greek and Italian was recognised by the Government.

"If they have specific comments (on the citizenship test) we will take them on board, it's just a draft at this stage," she said.

An alternative citizenship test suggested by Greek, Italian and Chinese groups.

Q: Name three films that explore Greek-Australian life?
A: Head On, The Hearbreak Kid, The Wogboy

Q: How many Chinese Australians live in Australia?
A: About 700,000

Q: Which Italian-Australian was known as the Prince of Lygon St?
A: Alphonse Gangitano

Q: What is arguably the largest Greek city outside of Greece?
A: Melbourne

Q: Name three Italian Australian Aussie rules footy players?
A: Mark Mercuri, Peter Matera, Ron Barassi

Q: Which Chinese Australian musician/actor is a member of the children's band The Wiggles?
A: Jeff Fat

Q: Why is former PM Gough Whitlam so beloved by Greek Australians?
A: Multiculturalism

Q: Who was the Italian Australian governor of Victoria 1997-2000?
A: James Gobbo

Q: In what year were the anti-Greek riots in the Kalgoorlie goldfields?
A: 1916

Q: Name two periods in the 20th century of mass migration from Europe to Australia?
A: 1950s and 1960s

Source: Neos Kosmos

Selva dijo...

Monday morning and I sat into my rental Subaru Impreza WRX, dreaming... Well, my rental car anyway. The plan was to drive about 1000 kms north of Australia in the next couple of days and then return to Perth. The towns in WA are rather small with none of them having more than 30.000 people (Perth excluded). Only in the outback you get to know what being reeeeaaaaallllyyy easy going means. One of the reasons why I enjoy outback so much.